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Music: A 1st Thing

     Music: a 1st Thing represents a collaborative effort between the Kansas City, Kansas Public School (KCKPS) and the University of Kansas Institute for Educational Research and Public Service and Department of Music Education. The Music: a 1st Thing project is sponsored by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to the Kansas City Public Schools.
     The purpose of the project is to develop and deliver high quality, research-based professional development programs designed for K-12 music educators and classroom teachers that focus on; (1) the development, enhancement and expansion of standards-based music education programs and (2) the integration of standards-based music instruction into other subject area content. The professional development program assists music educators in the Kansas City, Kansas Public School district in using innovative strategies to implement the National Standards in Music Education within their existing school music programs.
      The project also provides professional development to teams of music educators and K-12 teachers in the KCKPS district on the use of strategies to integrate music into other content subject areas within the school curriculum. The professional development programs are based on appropriate application of research on music and academic achievement, research-based best practices and contemporary methodologies that include the use of technology for instruction, evaluation. The professional development also provides information for teachers on understanding the national standards for music and academic content areas as they apply to students with disabilities and those at high-risk for academic failure.